miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2009

Do you remember?

Ever since we were kids there was a door we couldn't reach,
even on tiptoes.

Forgetting about time, exhausted with endless wandering,
this maze we walked always seemed to be there.
I can't stop unconsciously searching for your smile.
Not a single thing has changed, I would bet on that.
Even if we were separated by a thousand miles,
these memories will connect us.

Even if we should be fooled by the cruel tricks of fate,
it won't break us.

The tomorrow we hoped for is right ahead of us;
in the back of our minds, anyone would have realized that.
Someday I really want to show you these clear days,
where the weapons of conflict have all disappeared.
Even though this is a hopeless world
where we can't seem to stop hurting each other,

just from having met you now I'm not afraid of anything.
I don't care how much my body is burnt, if it's for you.
We'll soar into the bright white open sky; I'll protect you
I don't care how much my body is burnt, if it's for you.
I wish that someday I could see with my own two eyes
our world born again.

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