sábado, 30 de enero de 2010

Could we fix you if you're broke?

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  1. Hey, my feelings r really intense about u, I really really luv u, but maybe u were right,I'm broken, n' if I'm broken there's nothing that we can do, that's right? Today, after that I left your home, I went to sit down in a bank to think about everything, then I send u a message, I don't know what to do, well, maybe yes, I told u, I wanna try everything for u, i do'n know, I'm sad. If u want leave me you can, it's totally understandble.

  2. HAcía demasiado que no me pasaba por aquí.
    Pero prometo cambiar eso de ahora en adelante.
    Me encanta tu blog! :)

    Un beso gigante y feliz comienzo de mes, Chic and Chocolate.